What's your weakest link?

Your Systems are only as secure as your weakest link. When was your last cybersecurity assessment?

Highly Experienced

What you need is a core team of highly skilled resources that have practiced security in widely targeted organizations.

Actionable Insight

Get assessments that result in a useful implementation, not a tome of never-ending products and vendors to investigate and invest in.

Practice, not Power

The credentials of the practitioners that produce your report are far more important than the credentials of the entity that produces it.

How it works

Assessment Process
Praelium Systems evaluates your current people, processes and technologies to deliver an actionable plan based on current risks and exposures.

Core Capabilities

Managing Practitioners
Configuration Management, Design & Remediation
Vulnerability Analysis
Security Risk Assessment
Computer Security Incident Response

Leadership with experience

We bring CISO professionals, intelligence agency operatives, C-Level executives to create a security strategy that you can implement. Our leaders include:

A highly accomplished leader, CTO, for one of our most prestigious Government Security Agencies. This leader was a practitioner in Architecture, Systems Engineering, and Chief of Advanced Technology Group. He also served as the Chief of Research and Development and Chief of the Operations Support Group within the Non-Proliferation Center and Directed the Applications Services for this three letter agency. A true innovation leader having totally embraced the Cloud and SaaS benefits for the safety of our nation.
A leader in security and architecture served as a CISO and Vice President of Architecture and Security at a fortune 500 company. With over 20 years of IT experience he is an expert in the design and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance technology solutions. His practice was responsible for security to the largest satellite uplink facility in the U.S. He has helped launch the signal integrity practice in large corporations that focused on preventing content piracy.
The CEO of Praelium is a nationally recognized technology leader and innovator. He has served as CIO, CTO, and CEO of various industry leading corporations. He has been a CIO across several fortune 200 corporations and several large defense contractors. He embraced information technology early on as a youth, becoming a programmer at a very early age by experimenting with all aspects of hacking. He has become a top technology & cyber security advisor to the governor of the State of Colorado and to several Fortune 200 Global corporations. He is recognized as a leader and innovator in the enterprise and consumer technology space, all requiring high levels of security.